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June 03 2011

half a gram of mdma 
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June 01 2011

e streetartschutzgebiet objekt - berlin f-hain
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May 24 2011

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April 25 2011

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April 21 2011

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Wenn man mal den Kopf frei kriegen will.
Für eine längere Zeit.
Für eine sehr lange Zeit.

Vielleicht für immer.
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April 20 2011

Symmetrie macht das Gehirn glücklich.
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April 19 2011

April 18 2011

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Big Lebowski Monopoly

Stranger knocks you out and steals your rug. PASS OUT. Do not observe Shabbos.

Samzo has created a ridiculously detailed Big Lebowski Monopoly game, with property, Community Chest (Briefcase) and Chance (White Russian) cards. (Hat tip to John Farrier of Neatorama)

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April 17 2011

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Kerstin Ergenzinger, Studien.zur.Sehnsucht - Studies.for.Longing/Seeing

Automated reactive installation. text and video on the source page
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April 15 2011

April 12 2011

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